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The Super Bowl is a highly anticipated sporting event in the US. Fans around the world tune in, making it the annual most-watched television broadcast in the world. Statistics show that in February 2018, the Super Bowl had a whopping 103.4-million viewership. Due to its incredible reach, the Super Bowl is the holy grail of advertisers.

Sports Illustrated reported that companies pay over $5 million for a 30-second commercial spot. Brands ensure that their investment is maximized by producing high-impact promotional videos. Tide, particularly, stole the show in the 2018 Super Bowl with its clever campaign. That evening, the Tide ad was among the most trending social media videos. It became the second most trending topic on Twitter, following the Super Bowl itself.

But Tide’s return on investment was not limited to social media engagement. The brand conveyed that, a month after the Super Bowl Sunday, its sales already showed double-digit growth.

As a marketing professional, I’m sure you want to imitate the success of Tide’s ads. Unlike the global giant, your resources might be constrained. But effective video marketing is still at your disposal. Dive in to know more.


Elements of Effective Promotional Videos


The Tide ad is the perfect example of a high-impact commercial.If you missed it, you can check it out here for inspiration and reference:

What makes commercials like Tide’s successful? Think about the advertisements you like. What do they have in common?

Producing an effective ad requires an understanding of what elements to aim for. Here are the basic elements you need for a successful promo video:

  • An Iconic Protagonist

Video production is no different from storytelling. For the audience to care, there must be an engaging character that pulls them in. A brand ambassador lends his personality and charisma to the story. Observe how, in the Tide ad, actor David Harbour held the commercial together. This is why companies carefully select their endorsers.

The persona of your protagonist affects the impact of your commercial. In a 2015 Nielsen study, Liam Neeson, who promoted Clash of Clans, was the most-liked celebrity endorser. In fact, he had a 208 brand memorability index. The result is influenced by the trustworthiness of the characters he played in Star Wars and the Taken series. 

Similarly, Jim Parsons, who endorsed Intel computer hardware, enjoyed a high 120 memorability index. Parsons is a credible endorser for the product as he plays a beloved nerd in the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory.

But you don’t have to spend thousands to book a popular celebrity. In fact, some of the most successful brand ambassadors were animated objects and ordinary people (e.g. Tony the Tiger, Kool-Aid Man, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Fred the Baker, and Wendy’s old ladies). What’s important is that your character can provide an emotional link between your brand and your target customers. 

  • Message with a Hook

The goal of any commercial is to present a product or service. It’s a success if, after watching, viewers become aware of a need that your brand can meet.

But you don’t just tell people about your brand and product. There must be a hook. In marketing, this is the method used to facilitate recall. Convey your message in a creative, memorable way. Slogans and jingles are some ways to create a hook.

One example of a memorable tagline was Wendy’s catchphrase, “Where’s the beef?”

First shown in 1984, the commercial cemented Wendy’s as one of the burger chain leaders. The message couldn’t be any clearer—it offers burger patties in a more generous serving. That’s the type of message you should seek.

For your business videos, aim for simple yet stimulating slogans. Choose a language that people use in regular conversations. Such words are relatable and would yield to an effortless connection.

  • Appealing Theme

According to an article in the Dallas Observer, good marketing capitalizes on happiness. Consumers like feel-good commercials that depict familiar situations, the kind that will make you feel warm when you buy the product or avail of the service. You’d notice that the more successful promotionalvideos are those that contain humor. Heartwarming stories that highlight human relationships are also proven hits.

But there’s no universal theme. The preferred advertising theme differs across world regions and generations. Be sure to have a strong understanding of your target audience. Learning their sentiments is crucial in how your format will resonate with them.


How to Produce High-Impact Business Videos


Now that you know the necessary elements of a commercial, you can proceed to video production.

1. Determine the details of your concept

This is the part where you apply everything you learned about the elements of a commercial. Decide the specifics. Basically, your video’s who, what, why, and how. Consider each element carefully. Take your time as your output will dictate the rest of the process.

Do your research and take pointers from successful ads. What aspects did they nail? What elements were lacking? Consult professionals whenever applicable.

By the end of this step, you should have a clear picture of your objectives and the actions needed to achieve them.

2. Write the script

In video marketing, you transform into a storyteller. Organize the elements into a cohesive story. Be careful not to get lost in the process, though. Ideally, commercials must be brief and direct, without sacrificing the human touch. The resonance capacity of your commercial lies in your creativity and other skills set.

Preparing the first draft will entail patience and focus. It’ll prove to be a daunting task as it would be initially challenging to harmonize your ideas. Edit your draft as many times as you want because this is a highly critical part of the process. You only have a limited time to express your message. Each second must count.

Watch this video for tips in writing your script:

3. Get teammates on board

Don’t think that you need to do everything. Employ the help of others in producing your business video. Delegate the task to other people who have a more suitable skill set. You’ll need the assistance of a video production company for technical tasks like shooting the video and editing the footage. Since they have specialized skills, they can countercheck your decisions and give you useful insight.

In looking for a partner company, compatibility is important as the project will rely on open communication.Budget awareness and attention to detail are traits you’d want to watch out for. Ensure that everyone fully understands your ideas and their corresponding duties. It’ll avoid unnecessary delays later on.

4. Publish

Editing the commercial is the last bit of work needed, after which you can publish the final output as one of your website videos. Find the best ways and platforms where your target audience can easily consume your commercial. Share it on your social media accounts as well for greater reach.

5. Track feedback

Don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Discover the response of your audience and its significance. Record the data for future reference. 




Promotional videos, regardless of scale, share a common objective; that is to engage and affect customer behavior.  To succeed as a marketer, you must know how it’s done in the big leagues and be able to apply it domestically.

So are you ready to launch your high-impact commercial?

To jumpstart the process of creating an efficient video marketing plan for your business, contact us here.

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